From donating over 500 cows to women in Kesses Constituency, to giving fully paid India Scholarships to 50 youths, to sponsoring over 1400 youths for Technical Courses at Eldoret National Polytechnic; Kesses Constituency Member Of Parliament Hon. Dr. Kiprop Swarup Mishra’s name is more synonymous with one thing- PHILANTHROPY

As the fight against the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, the tidal wave has brought with it a flood of unprecedented negative impact that we already understand to be epochal. The financial strains that is already being felt in small-scale businesses, Juakali sector and nearly all households in the country is about to bring Wanjiku to its knees. To bridge this gap, one legislator Hon. Dr. Mishra Kiprop will be donating foodstuff to 12,000 needy and elderly people in Kesses Constituency for one month.

Kesses Constituency Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Swarup Ranjan Mishra Kiprop

In an exercise dubbed COVID-19 FOOD AID, Dr. Mishra Kiprop will tomorrow Sunday 5th April 2020 flag off the first caravan loaded with enough foodstuff to Tarakwa Ward in Kesses Constituency, Eldoret. An expected 2,500 people are set to benefit directly from the food aid.

“As we look for long-term sustainable solution for our people, such small acts of kindness will go a long way in leveraging and supplementing on their strains” Said Dr. Mishra “After we are done with Tarakwa Ward tomorrow, We shall go to Cheptiret-Kipchamoo Ward on Tuesday 7th April, where over 2500 people will also benefit. This will be followed by a visit to Tulwet Chuiyat & Racecourse Ward respectively” Said the Legislator

It was laughable when Dr. Mishra promised to give FREE COWS to households during his campaigns in 2017. A promise that even political pundits brushed off as just another political promise that has never been heard of and impossible to fulfill. To this very day, Dr. Mishra pride himself in donating more than 300 cows to different households across Kesses Constituency.

“Since independence, the Rift has never gotten a philanthropic leader like Kiprop,” Said Joash Kiptoo “Yaani mtu anajitolea kusaidia watu bila ubaguzi… na anatumia pesa zake kuwapeleka vijana driving school, wengine wamelipiwa ndege wameenda ulaya kusoma na wakarudi, akina mama wamepewa ngombe za bure. Huyu Mishra ni kiongozi, si mwana siasa” asserts Joash

Hon. Mishra Kiprop donating 100 dairy cows to women in a past event

Speaking to Insider this afternoon, Hon Dr. Mishra encouraged his constituents to keep calm and requested them to stay at home to help minimize the spread of the CoronaVirus. As a medical expert and Vice Chair of the Kenyan Parliamentary Health Committee, Hon. Dr. Mishra has been in the front-line in campaigning for prevention of Covid-19. He also firmed up that the FOOD AID will reach all the elderly and needy in Kesses Constituency through a be a door-to-door exercise.

Covid-19 Food Aid will be a door-to-door exercise. We shall not allow crowding or even making this exercise eventful. Our aim is to reach as many constituents as possible as we observe utmost precaution” Reiterated Dr. Mishra

Atop of his philanthropy, Hon. Dr. Mishra’s amiable personality and kindness makes him an affable leader; which is often a rare combination of virtue to find in a politician.  When he is not in parliament, probably he is in his constituency serving the electorates. It is a routine that has come to define his life of service to the people and humanity; probably a reason for his achievements some of which includes:-

Computer For Schools- All secondary schools in Kesses now has computers
Title Deeds- Over 2000 residents issued with Title Deeds
Rural Electrification- In a campaigned dubbed “Umeme Mashinani” Dr. Mishra has commissioned installation of 49 Transformers which will provide electricity to over 9,000 households. So far, 9 transformers has been installed and 1800 households benefited
Security Lights- 12 Markets across Kesses Constituency has been installed with High Mast Security Lights to curb insecurity and enable traders generate income late in the night
Roads & Infrastructure- 13 roads have been rehabilitated and a 46Km road fully tarmacked. Also projects nearing completion includes Kesses CDF Office, Kesses Constituency Office & Deputy County Commissioner’s Office

With a 100% CDF disbursement record, Dr. Mishra still remains one of the all rounded political leaders in the country

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