Punchline queen Ann Kiguta may have given the most sincere and brutal advice yet to President Uhuru Kenyatta during her Sunday, May 17 monologue on K24 TV.

Ever since the President entered into a handshake deal with ODM’s Raila Odinga, many of Uhuru’s honchos have thrown shade at his Deputy President and embraced their 2017 foes, putting the hitherto rosy relationship between Uhuru and Ruto into jeopardy.

Today, the President’s allies are driving a narrative to create a wider rift between the President and his DP even as they seek to completely destroy Ruto’s chances of clinching the highly anticipated 2022 presidential elections.

President Kenyatta and his advisors have thus opted to get into coalitions with parties such as Kanu, Wiper, CCM and ODM in order to counter the growing political influence of DP Ruto in the country, especially in Rift Valley and Mt. Kenya regions where he enjoys a fanatical following.

Kiguta while celebrating Uhuru’s new approach to handling DP Ruto, warned him to be careful with his new found allies in ODM.

One week ago, ODM’s Junet Mohamed and James Orengo simultaneously admonished the President for the way he was running and managing the country and even went ahead to call for his resignation for bungling the coronavirus pandemic crisis in Kenya.

In his analysis of the current position Uhuru has found himself in, Kiguta did not mince words as she went for President’s jugular.

“When Junet and Orengo, the key insiders of ODM chastise the government even saying that they should resign, then see it for what it is. A God given reminder that President Kenyatta’s new friends still have old scores to settle. And so the public divorce of Kenyatta and Ruto could have revealed more about the President than his deputy, a revelation that could equally have consequences.” said Kiguta.

She further warned the President to be careful with his new ODM friends as they may turn against him when worst comes to worst. 

“I’ll say it again; Betrayal begets betrayal. Consider this a most humble heads up President Kenyatta. The handshake may have been the most sincere thing on your part but no good deed goes unpunished. A storm is coming!” warned Kiguta. 

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