The senate on Monday 4th May, held an election for the position of chairperson and deputy chairperson of the county public accounts and investments committee. Narok senator Ledama Olekina was elected the chairperson while Kiambu senator Wamatangi Kimani Paul was elected the vice chairperson. Senator Ledama Olekina won with 5 votes against Kisii senator Sam Ongeri who got 4 votes.

“@Senate_KE County Public Accounts and Investments Committee has elected Narok Senator @ledamalekina as chairman with 5 votes against Kisii Senator Sam Ongeri who garnered 4 votes. The committee of nine members were appointed on April 28th. @KWamatangi was elected vice chair.” Shared the Senate of Kenya on twitter.

However, a letter has emerged from the senate minority leader James Orengo opposing the election with the threat of boycotting that committee until when changes are made. Senator Ledama Olekina cried foul on social media since ODM is his party yet they are opposing his victory instead of celebrating it.

Jubilee party deputy secretary general Caleb Kositany has come out to share the secret of senator Ledama Olekina retaining the powerful seat. In his message, Caleb Kositany notes that the reason why Raila Odinga and his team has opposed him is because of the fear of him summoning top corrupt ODM governors and their allies. He further revealed that Raila Odinga is afraid that senator Ledama Olekina might probe the ksh. 40 billion covid-19 scandal in which Raila himself is involved. He told the senator to visit the capitol hill ODM party offices, promise Raila Odinga that he won’t touch those sensitive areas then the seat will be his.

“Leave the Masai out of this, just visit capitol hill corruption dry cleaners and assure Raila you will not surmon, Waiguru, Joho, Ngilu, Rasanga and yes don’t even dream of investigating 40 billion covid funds. Don’t touch the above, chairmanship is yours.” Shared Hon. Caleb Kositany on twitter.

These sentiments come at the time when the government of Kenya has come under sharp criticism after it alleged to have been spending one billion shillings a day to fight corona virus pandemic. Hon. Caleb Kositany beliefs Raila Odinga is involved in the 40 billion shillings’ scandal that is why he is afraid of senator Olekina taking up that position. He believes an assurance to Raila not to touch the corruption surrounding the 40 billion shillings and his close allies like Joho is a ticket to Olekina’s new post.

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