Celebrated pastor, motivation speaker and fashion enthusiast Pastor Robert Burale on Monday 6th July 2020 came out to narrate his journey since testing positive for coronavirus. Taking to his Facebook page, Pastor Burale urged Kenyans to be careful and follow the guidelines as the disease is real.

He revealed that among his first symptoms were shortness of breath which got him tested and admitted at the Nairobi Hospital.

However, in a drastic twist of event, Kenyan Netizens also known as Twitter DCI or #KOT came out blazing and accusing Pastor Burale of lying about his infection in a bid to sanitize Nairobi Hospital.

But wait, there is more! Nairobi Hospital has been apparently making losses since the withdrawal of serious insurers from their panel over among other things, inflated costs. Key amongst the insurers to suspend Nairobi Hospital were Resolution Health, Jubilee Insurance, AAR, Heritage Insurance and many others. This has reeled down the hospital’s finances and that just about explains the financial turmoil engulfing the hospital.

Now, here is the connection between the hospital’s tribulations and Pst. Robert Burale. The unifying factor here being their individual efforts to dupe and trick Kenyans out of their money. The smooth talking, for strip club enthusiast Pastor Burale has in a period of just two years been accused four times by different women of conning them significant amounts of money, including the award winning actress and LGBTQ rights advocate, Nini Wacera.

Now Nairobi Hospital and Pastor Burale teamed up to plan one of the most ridiculous plots ever. They may have gotten away with it if not for #KOT. In a near perfect scripted move, Burale was to fake that he is with the Corona Virus, and allege that he was receiving treatment at the Nairobi hospital, all the while hiding in his house in Marula Lane in Karen. The hospital also needed to sanitize its already tainted reputation so a conspiracy was hatched in collaboration with Burale’s plan. This explains why the Hospital has not yet issued a statement to confirm nor deny Burale’s predicaments.

Lets wait to see how far this will unfold

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