A woman has been reported dead after she Allegedly spent the night with her brother in law in at a lodging they had booked together. 43-Years-Old Jessica Sibwe a resident of Mwiki is said to have been invited by her brother-in-law in town for reasons which are unknown after which they both booked a lodging along Dubois road. 


45-Year-Old John kisongona, a Tait man who was the woman’s brother-in-law who had traveled from Malindi to come meet her in Nairobi is said to have rushed to go and report the woman’s death at central police station after she suddenly died of unclear circumstances. 

It has been reported that the woman started receiving health complications early in the morning of September 24/20, started choking and coughing out blood before she was rushed to the hospital in a move to save her but she was pronounced dead immediately she arrived at the Kenyatta National Hospital. 

Drama As Woman Dies Mysteriously After Spending the Night In A Lodging With  Her Brother-In-Law - Opera News

The cause of the woman’s death is still a puzzle as no one knows what might have caused her sudden death. She was however taken to the morgue awaiting autopsy in order to reveal what might have taken her life. 

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