Sales for sex toys and online dating use have soared in the months since coronavirus became a global health crisis, after Pornhub gave premium access to people in Italy who are currently in quarantine.

Adult toy brand Womanizer said projections it made for sales between January 1 and March 6 are ‘well above average’, mainly in areas largely affected by the virus.

In Italy sex toy purchases are trending 60 per cent above the forecast, in France it’s 40 per cent, in Canada it’s 135 per cent, in the United States it’s 75 per cent and Hong Kong is 71 per cent.

Even in Australia sales have increased by 31 per cent since January, with the nation confirming that 195 have been diagnosed.


‘Sales have continued to surge but stock should be replenished by early next week.’ has similarly noticed a surge in use of online dating websites, with 82 per cent of singles turning to the internet for love, even more so than usual. 

Out of those the company surveyed almost five per cent of singles reported that they are going to stop dating all together until the virus passes.

Thirty per cent of people said they will stick to talking online instead of meeting up in person and 60 per cent say they prefer meeting online to finding a date in person.  

Previously, Insider revealed that Pornhub were offering free premium access to people who live in quarantined Italy until April 3.  

In a press release shared on Thursday, the site revealed it will donate proceeds from the platform after the European country implemented a nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.    

The announcement reads: ‘Forza Italia, We love you! PornHub has decided to donate its percentage revenue from the ModelHub platform from March to help Italy during the outbreak. 


Earlier in the month, it was reported that porn sites have been cashing in on the coronavirus outbreak, with the platforms posting films of people having sex in hazmat suits in an twisted new trend. 

Videos titled ‘Deserted Wuhan’ and ‘TSA Agent Detains Woman Suspected of Coronavirus’ are among others that have been appearing on their pages.   

The kooky clips feature actors in hazmat suits, face masks or hospital gowns engaging in sexual intercourse in what looks like medical facilities.     

Spicy – the male half of porn duo Spicy x Rice – told Insider: ‘I think people are attracted to COVID-19 themed porn the same way people who are scared of their shadow are attached to horror movies: We are all searching for things that make us come alive.’ 


‘COVID-19 is something that brings fear and mystery to pretty much everyone in the world right now… You need to be able to feel something, and what better way to make you feel something than the global crisis we are all in right now.’

According to the actor, some of their videos contain key information on how to prevent the spread of the disease and were made with the intention to educate people.   

‘We thought we would use our porn as an avenue to get some legitimate information out with some comic relief included to get people interested and reduce our chances of being banned,’ Spicy added to the publication.  

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