Self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general, Miguna Miguna, has revealed what killed former Nyandarua North MP, Josiah Mwangi Kariuki in 1975.

According to Miguna Miguna, Kariuki, who was popularly known as JM Kariuki, was killed after he was found sleeping with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s wife, Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Miguna said when Mzee learnt that JM was “eating” his wife, he ordered his bodyguards to abduct her and chop his manhood before they kill him.

On March 2, 1975, JM Kariuki was abducted at the Hilton Hotel in broad daylight by one of Kamau Ngegi’s bodyguards. His mutilated body was discovered in Ngong Hills.

JM Kariuki had had the misfortune of being at the Hilton Hotel the morning of March 2, 1975 with Ngina Muhoho a.k.a. Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Before JM’s mutilated body was discovered on Ngong Hills, State House announced on VOK that JM had “gone to Zambia on a business trip.”

Like Msando, they had chopped off his manhood. JM had served as Kenyatta’s PERSONAL SECRETARY,” Miguna wrote on his Facebook.

After JM Kariuki’s assassination, State planned to take away his body

After his murder at Ngong Forest and the arrival his body at the City Mortuary days later, the killers of then Nyandarua North MP Josiah Mwangi Kariuki were not done yet.


In revelations made by then (1975) Kisumu Town MP Grace Onyango who was among the leaders who rushed to the morgue after revelations that JM’s body was lying there, the plot was to use a spy to smuggle the body out.

She says that the officer, who had been in Parliament, pretended to be a morgue attendant, and even blocked the group from viewing the body, citing strict orders from his bosses.

The then Nakuru Town MP Mark Mwithaga would later in 2012 reveal that the man was in the process of releasing the body to some wailing women, who were ready to leave with it.

He suspected that the body was to be later loaded onto a waiting Peugeot 404 station wagon and driven off, and had a tag on its leg reading “a body of unclaimed Luo gangster”.

“As we were watching over the body, some inside and others outside, others behind the mortuary, we discovered a Peugeot 404 Station Wagon with some women mourning and weeping.” 

“They were seriously weeping. They were preparing to receive the body from the mortuary and drive it away in that vehicle,” he told the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission.

Throughout the time that he had been missing, following his March 2 assassination, President Jomo Kenyatta’s government claimed that he was away in Zambia.

A parliamentary select committee led by Elijah Mwangale later found out that JM might have been killed by a jailbird released moments before, possibly for the exact purpose.

The committee found out that a prisoner at Kamiti Prison named Kinyanjui, alias “Mark Twist”, had been released on a Sunday night at a magistrate’s house and ordered to trail Kariuki.

The select committee also found out that some top state official was behind the assassination plot, and intended to keep it under wraps for as long as possible.

The case has never been resolved, with most suspects having already died.

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