Embattled Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi Kioko alias Sonko has been impeached. Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was on Thursday impeached with 88 MCAs voting in favor of the motion. Eighty-two votes from the 122 MCAs were needed to impeach Sonko.

At least 82 MCAs were required to support the motion for it to achieve the required two-thirds threshold.

Sonko has been impeached on grounds of abuse of office, gross misconduct as well as lack of capability to run county affairs, accusations that he has repeatedly denied.

Earlier, minority leader Michael Ogada moved the impeachment motion. There were 58 MCAs in the chambers. Others logged in virtually. Speaker Benson Mutura attained quorum of 42 MCAs, giving the green light for the motion to be debated.Ogada said, “This is a business that has never been executed before in this house. We are here to execute our last mandate, our last resort.”

“We have consulted and we have tried. Mr .Speaker we have held meetings in your office together with the executive to try find solution on how we bring solutions to this county. But we have no other option but to execute our last mandate to impeach Governor Sonko.”

Meanwhile, MCAs allied to Sonko alleged the virtual voting system has been rigged. The MCAs, who are in Kwale county, claim they have been logged into the system despite switching their phones off. The pro- Sonko MCAs who are 57 in total, have been in Kwale since Tuesday, with most of them switching off their phones since then.

Governor Sonko had been working behind the scenes to scuttle the impeachment and had flown the MCAs to the Coast to strategize on how to defeat the motion. Our Insider Sources confirmed that the idea was to deny the Assembly a crucial two-thirds majority vote and consequently shoot down the impeachment motion, which was to be conducted virtually.

“They want to abstain from voting either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ thus making it clear to the governor that they are loyal. The governor and his team will be monitoring to see if and how they vote,” said the source.

However, the move flopped as 58 MCAs were present in the chambers with the others logging in virtually. The House needed 42 MCAs to achieve a quorum.

The motion to remove Sonko from office was moved by Minority Leader Michael Ogada. The ward reps accused the governor of gross violation of the law, misuse of office and inability to run the county government. They said Sonko had failed to approve a Sh37.4 billion budget to facilitate the operations undertaken by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS). Ogada also listed the irregular awarding of a Sh1.5 billion tender for construction of stadia, among them Dandora Stadium, as a ground for Sonko’s impeachment.

This is, however, not the first time that the governor is dealing with an impeachment. Last December, a similar ouster motion was tabled by MCA Peter Imwatok. Earlier this year, President Uhuru Kenyatta intervened and prevailed on MCAs to shelve the ouster plans to allow the deed of transfer agreement to be implemented. Speaker Benson Mutura, while giving his communication to the House, said the earlier impeachment motion had been rendered null because it was not debated within the stipulated legal timeframe. 

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