A Twitter User by the names Arap Sitati (@PhilipSKasaya) has died.

The manner in which he died was revealed by another Twitter user Shad Khalif who wrote that Philip Had committed suicide, pointing to his last two tweets which had quoted some sad parts of songs by US rapper Eminem and Singer Whitney Houston.

Shit. This dude committed suicide on Friday night. Look at his last two tweets pic.twitter.com/IDXJxfGva4

— Tawera: Ama mimi ndio mjinga?🤔 (@Shad_khalif) May 4, 2020

Tweeted on 30th April 2020 at 12:50 a.m ‘When I am gone – Eminem. Don’t mourn rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice just know that I am looking down as I smile. So smile back’

The last Tweet below, Whitney Houston – I look up to you.

Whitney Houston – I look to you

— Arap Sitati (@PhilipSKasaya) April 29, 2020

Phillip is a former banker according to a tweet posted by one his former workmates Khaligraph (@lagaless). A church mate Emmanuel Swaka (@Swaka_Em) confirmed the incident saying that “He passed on yesterday, I knew him through church’.

This is @PhilipSKasaya, I took this picture in September 29th 2011 while at a Stanchart Bank motivational party for sales people.

We met last while he was at BOA or something 😭. Rest in peace Sitati. pic.twitter.com/snnRs52D31

— Khaligraph  (@lagaless) May 4, 2020

Philip Kasaya’s Twitter profile picture.

Family statement over Philip’s death

Dear All,

I know you have several unanswered questions on the death of our beloved Philip Kasay a Sitati and in particular the cause of death Philip was admitted at Kiambu level 5 hospital on Friday 1st May 2020 at around 3pm unconscious and fighting for his life. Details at admission on his immediate past history remain a secret that only he could explain

The medical team started attending to him and all that was requested from the family was availed. On Saturday 2nd May 2020 a number of tests were requested and blood and urine samples were obtained for the tests. Philip was showing much improvement from the state he was in on Friday and even the initial thought of transferring him to Aga Khan in Nairobi was shelved as the improvements were encouraging. By evening, we slept hoping of even more improvement the next day.

However on Sunday 3rd May 2020 was to bring a different unexpected story as we woke up to the cruel heart breaking news that his condition had worsened at night and all efforts to resuscitate him proved unsuccessful. The cruel hand of death had snatched him from us at around 2.00am.

So many unanswered questions but the sad reality is Philip is no more to tell us what reaIly happened. We are planning a post mortem tomorrow Monday 4th May 2020 at Chiromo Mortuary for more details on his cause of death.

We really wish to know what took away the life of our beloved brother, friend, colleague, comrade etc….

We loved you Philip and will still do even in death

Moses Sitati for the Sitati’s Family

Jovial guy

Most of this friends said Philip was a jovial man.

A friend, M.A (@Amerucanrum) shared the last conversation they had.

Mental health

Kenyans shared few messages of hope to those suffering depression urging them to speak to others and seek help.

“I want to say with a lot of humility. He posted this on 30th April. Noone commented. Let’s try (me included) to engage our friends when they’re still alive. Once they’re gone they won’t know they meant something to us if we never made them feel so” – Waweru Thuo wrote.

When your friends start posting things which are unusual, :kindly reach out. This man posted this and later committed suicide. Rest in peace master. Mental illness is dangerous. pic.twitter.com/1eSfFf5ZF8

— Rene (@Lewanjoski) May 4, 2020

You see your friend tweeting weird stuffs reach out please,this guy might have been undergoing some serious shit ,He might have had serious mental Health issues,We might never know never know because He’s no more .May his soul Rest in Peace

— JacksonKE ™ (@ItsJacksonKE) May 4, 2020

Depression is real. Check up on you friends people…. All it takes, is just sincerely asking someone if they are okay. That’s it.

— Alfayad Marenya (@AlfayadM) May 4, 2020


Whatever was eating your mind @PhilipSKasaya, I wish you gave me a call and shared. It didn’t have to end up in death. https://t.co/CuWuHmCdjU

— Emmanuel Swaka (@Swaka_Em) May 4, 2020

So sad!

— Yells (@Yells_O) May 4, 2020

Go well my my friend @PhilipSKasaya. May your soul rest in peace. Peace and comfort to your family and friends. pic.twitter.com/uVWa6PRORd

— Emmanuel Swaka (@Swaka_Em) May 3, 2020

So sorry that you couldn’t bear it all anymore Philip.May God rest your good soul in https://t.co/64WuFGMIoK well friend .

— WhoDoDatLikeDat (@MohRivers) May 4, 2020

Rest in peace

— kinya (@PurityKirimi7) May 4, 2020

Depression is real💔💔💔 May his soul rest In peace

— 🐝 (@Ms_Matei) May 4, 2020

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